It has often been said that the Plumber protects the health of the nation. And that the A/C professional is responsible for indoor air quality.

At Raven, we understand that our involvement goes far beyond air filters and faucets. We are committed to providing quality service to meet the needs of our customers while impacting the environment as little as possible in the process.

We have a growing and extensive experience in LEED projects. Our design build department actively works to provide plumbing and mechanical equipment that can offer substantial water and energy savings while still meeting the design requirements of the facility.

Our eco friendly practices don’t stop at the project perimeter. This is an attitude that extends well into our basic operations. From a comprehensive recycling program to vehicles chosen for maximum cargo with minimum fuel consumption and emissions, we are serious about having a positive impact on our community and a minimal impact on our environment.

"Raven Mechanical will strive to provide the highest level of service to its clientele, provide opportunities for growth to its employees, and maintain a leadership role in the industry".

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