Design & Fabrication

"Raven Mechanical will strive to provide the highest level of service to its clientele, provide opportunities for growth to its employees, and maintain a leadership role in the industry".

At Raven Mechanical we’re trying harder to improve the level of quality and services that we provide our clients.

One such way is through our design-fabrication department. We work closely with design professionals on plumbing, process piping, HVAC, and site utility systems to meet the building and budget requirements of the client.

Once a project has been designed, we then run the complete design package through a pre-fabrication process. We first determine which parts of a project are best suited for pre-fabrication. Our designers then utilize the latest advanced technologies of AutoCAD as well as other third-party design software to generate three-dimensional fabrication drawings for use in our fabrication shop.

This process also integrates quite well with Building Information Management (BIM) systems in conjunction with other trades.

Our draftsmen work under the direct supervision of an experienced management team to help ensure quality control.

After a system has been pre-fabricated it is then prepared for shipping to the job site. Pre-fabrication allows us to maintain tighter quality control, increase productivity, and reduce exposure on the job site.


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